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Smt. C. V. SHOBHA, Herbal Therapist

Smt C. V. Shobha, Herbal Therapist, is a science graduate with an immense interest in learning the usage of herbs and its properties and developing herbal applications for human illness and ailments since her younger days. She was encouraged by her grandfather who was well versed with herbs knowledge & its application. She has her own clinic at Milk Colony Rajajinagar, called Shobha’s Herbal Clinic where she tends to problems of hair, skin and general health.

She joined Women’s World International College at New Delhi and obtained diploma certificate on topics skin & Hair Care therapy under the guidance of renowned beautician & trainer Mrs. Shahnaz Hussain, New Delhi. To promote better service and to gain some more knowledge she studied further to obtain a post graduate diploma on Nutrition and Dietetics awarded by Bangalore University. She is a Life member of the Siddha Medical Practitioners Association.

To help the society, some of the weekly & monthly kannada magazines have come forward and shown interest to publish articles on the subject “unwanted facial hair” since 1992. The published articles have featured the treatment procedure, change of food habits to reduce facial hair. She has appeared many times on popular TV Channels and spoken on topics like Skin care & Hair care. She has written valuable articles for leading dailys such as Prajavani, Kannada Prabha, Vijay Karnataka and in magazines such as Taranga, Sudha etc, on various topics of health and wellness. The topic Vitamins that Heal presented by her on TV channel was informative and cherished by viewers.

Smt C.V. Shobha has developed and formulated medicines and therapies using various herbs to treat premature baldness (both male and female). Another area of concern that her treatments have addressed is unwanted facial hair among women or Hirsutism. Her treatment methodology has yielded very good results and has brought much relief and satisfaction to her patients. For more information please visit the Treatments page

Her other herbal medicines are on hair care, skin care and on general health. She spends her spare time on researching new herbal formulations and studies its usage for a better tomorrow. She advises her patients to rely on the herbal medicines for various ailments as they are completely safe and free from side effects. Other aspects she promotes very strongly are proper food habits, timely eating & sleeping, exercising and a preference for eating raw vegetables and salads for a good health and longevity.

To her credits the customers/patients who live here and abroad are in constant contact with her for tips and information on new research and development.

Siri Herbal Products

Siri Herbal Products – a trusted name for herbal products was started two decades ago as a small manufacturing unit of herbal products by Smt. C. V. Shobha. She has developed natural and chemical free herbal formulations to treat grey hair and hair fall. The products developed are

SIRI Herbal Hair Dye

Siri Ranjani Hair Oil

Ranjani Hair Oil

These products are produced under the license issued By AYUSH department , Govt. of Karnataka. They are popular and well received by the public as they are completely natural, and do not show any side effects upon use. Since the ingredients used to prepare them are completely derived from nature and based on the principles of Ayurveda, they do not cause rashes or allergies and yield a good result.

SIRI Herbal Hair Dye – Natural Black promotes blackening of hair naturally. The continuous usage of SIRI Ranjini Hair Oil  along with the Hair Dye helps in slowing down of gray hair growth. Added to this the SIRI Herbal Hair Dye – Natural Black does not stain scalp and product is Chemical-free. Presently people who are using this SIRI Herbal Hair Dye – Natural Black and SIRI Ranjini Hair Oil are very satisfied and rely on to this product as there are no side effects what so ever.

To know more about our range of products, visit our Products page

Health India Trust

Smt. C. V. Shobha is also the trustee of Health India Trust, Bangalore. Health India under the stewardship of Smt. Shobha has taken up several steps for the upliftment of Chikkapura village in Chitradurga. She brought together the people of the village and District Administration officials to expose the difficulties faced by the villagers before them. Apart from seminar on Rain Water Harvesting, A meet and greet and a Health Camp, Health India also organized a N.S.S. camp and took up a number of initiatives to promote health, hygiene and water and sewerage management.

Health India Trust is also continuously engaged in several welfare programmes such as:

  1. 1
    Income Generation Activities

    for value addition of agricultural and horticultural products. Waste management of agricultural and horticultural by products. Utilization of weed for income generation

  2. 2
    Health Awareness Programs

    for women and children on how to build up natural resistance through food and healthy practices

  3. 3
    Promotion of Herbal Medicine

    by giving inputs and tips on cultivation of traditional herbal plants, extraction of herbs and storage

  4. 4
    Dry Land Agriculture

    to focus on increasing the productivity of dry land through practice of soil conservation, water harvesting, crop optimization and promotion of horticulture

  5. 5
    Dehydrating Fruits and Vegetables

    Promoting the practice of dehydrating Fruits and Vegetables to help farmers overcome abundant crops by dehydrating them instead of dumping them in local mandis for less than fair price

  6. 6
    Kitchen Garden and Organic Farming

    Promotion of kitchen garden and organic farming to improve nutritional content of fruits and vegetables and reduce reliance of fertilizers and pesticides

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Brief History of Our Company

April, 1992

Articles about products created by Shobha first published by a leading Kannada daily

February, 1994

Siri Herbal Products company was started under the license of AYUSH department, Government of Karnataka

August, 1994

SISI recognizes Clove cream as best cream

May, 1995

Interviews and Discussions on treatments, health and awareness aired in DD Chandana as a mini series

October, 1995

Green ointment adjudged as the best treatment for skin disorders in four states

March, 2000

Siri Herbal Products acquires Drugs and Cosmetics license. Formulations recognized as Herbal medicines

June 2005

MSME, Government of India recognizes Siri Herbal Products as successful entrepreneur of the year

August, 2010

4 parts series on health and wellness aired in a leading Kannada news channel, TV9

September, 2015

Articles, interviews and awareness programmes published regularly in leading news dailys and news channels


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