February 9, 2017

Siri Herbal Hair Dye Press Meet

Siri Herbal Products unveiling of “Siri Herbal Hair Dye”

In today’s day and age, changes in our food and lifestyle influences changes to our body and well-being as well. Some of the common issues that plagues people today is obesity, premature greying of hair, migraine, stress headaches etc.

There are several products available in the market today for covering up grey hair but these are prepared with chemical ingredients such as ammonia, hydrogen peroxide etc. which leave a film of colour on the strands of hair. To remedy such issues we started the company, Siri Herbal Products in the spirit of woman independence and organic sustenance. We develop and market organic herbal products such as hair dye, hair oil and henna.

Our products have never been advertised on traditional media. Our patrons are mostly repeat customers and those who have heard of our products from near and dear ones. To address the problem of premature greying and grey hair among older patrons, we developed Siri Herbal Hair Dye. This product has been developed with ancient knowledge passed down from generations and with thorough testing. All its ingredients are natural herbs, with no preservatives. So it is 100% chemical free and does not damage the scalp or hair in any way. This can be conveniently used by men, on moustache, side-locks and beard as well.

Siri Herbal Hair Dye was released to the public, by popular actor Gurunandan, of films “First Rank Raju” and “Smile Please” fame, at The Press Club, Bengaluru on Wednesday, 8th February, 2017. He conveyed good wishes for the success of a ‘Chemical free and Natural Hair Dye: Siri Herbal Hair Dye’

What is Siri Herbal Hair Dye?

Siri Herbal Hair Dye is prepared with herbs such as Henna, Amla, Indigo, Pathangee, and Brahmi etc, which gives a natural black colour to the hair, conditions it and promotes healthy growth.

How to apply Siri Herbal Hair Dye?

First, henna must be applied to the hair, washed and dried. Once the hair is sufficiently dry, Siri Herbal Hair Dye must be applied to each strand of hair with a brush and gloved hands. It can be washed clean after one hour, with plain water without using shikakai or shampoo. Hair gradually darkens on exposure to environmental oxygen. Regular use of Siri Herbal Hair Dye provides healthy looking, natural black hair.

Where is Siri Herbal Hair Dye available?

At present, Siri Herbal Hair Dye is available at our center at Rajajinagar. Those interested in marketing or distribution of the Hair Dye may contact us at our office. For more information, contact:

C. V. Shobha
Herbal Therapist,
Proprietor, Siri Herbal Hair Dye

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