Siri Ranjani Hair Oil

100% Natural

Chemical Free, Natural Hair Oil

Siri Ranjani Hair Oil is a unique combination of active herbal ingredients and is completely natural and free from preservatives. It has ingredients such as Athimadhura, Bhringaraj which cools the scalp, promotes hair growth and increases hair pigmentation; Milk which is rich in proteins and gives natural shine to the hair; Triphala which is antibacterial and anti-ageing. It reduces dandruff and arrests hair fall.

Using Siri Ranjani Hair Oil regularly:
  • Reduces Stress
  • Increases Hair Growth
  • Nourishes the scalp
  • Keeps the head cool
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Reduces dandruff and hair fall

Some of the ingredients used in processing of Siri herbal hair oil are bringaraja (eclipta alba), Amla (phyllanthus emblica), Bala (sidacordifolia), Neelini (Indigofera tintoria), Kamala(Nilumbonucifera) and Jyestamadhu (Glycerrliza glabra) Owing to all these ingredients, SIRI Ranjani Hair Oil helps in improving nourishment to the hair root hence helps in stimulating the growth of long thick hairs and also arrests dandruff.

  1. Ingredients

    Each 100g contains:

    Eclipta alba – Bhringraj – 41 ml
    Milk – Haalu – 19 ml
    Terminalia chebula – Alalekai – 7 ml
    Embelica officinals – Nellikai – 7 ml
    Terminalia belerica – Tarekai – 6 ml
    Sarasa parella – Sogadeberu – 1.05 ml
    Coco nucifera – Tengu – 1.05 ml
    Indigofera tinctoria – Neelinee – 1.25 g
    Sida cardifolia – Kalagadala – 1.05 g
    Vanda roxburghii – Rasna – 1.05 g
    Ficus indica – Aladabelalu – 1.05 g
    Symplocus gaticardia – Lodra – 1.05 g
    Cyperus rotendus – Musta – 1.05 g
    Asparagus recemosis – Shatavari – 1.05 g
    Pterocarpus marsupium – Kempu chandana – 1.05 g
    Nilumbo nucifera – Tavare beej – 1.05 g
    Glycyrrhize glabra – Atimadhura – 1.05 g
    Cinnamonmum zeylencium – Chakke – 1.05 g
    Mesua ferrea – Naga kesar – 1.05 g
    Curcuma zedaria – Kachora – 1.05 g
    Operculina terpentim – Tigade – 0.9 g

  2. Benefits

    • It nourishes hair and helps it stay black – It does not turn healthy black hair grey
    • It is free of harmful chemicals – It does not damage hair follicles
    • It is natural – All ingredients used in it are derived from nature
    • It is completely herbal – Continuous use of the product arrests the growth of grey hair and encourages healthy growth
    • It is hypo allergic – It does not cause allergic reactions and completely safe to use
    • It is a Unisex product – It is safe to use on eyebrows, side locks, beard and mustache

  3. Additional Information

    It can be used regularly and instead of other hair oils or hair nourishment products. Recommended to leave it in the hair after application for at least 40 minutes before washing. This way, the active ingredients can act on the scalp more effectively. It can be used as a leave in product as well.

How to Use Siri Ranjani Hair Oil

Usage Instructions

Siri Ranjani Hair Oil can be used like any other hair oil.

  1. Take required quantity into the palm.
  2. Rub the palms together to slightly warm the oil..
  3. Massage on the scalp gently without using vigourous movements.
  4. It need not be washed off, can be used as a stay in oil.
  5. Recommended to leave it in for at least 40 minutes to derive complete benefits

Regular use of Siri Ranjani Herbal Hair Oil reduces hair loss, dandruff and greying. It boosts hair growth and enhances luster while conditioning the scalp.